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Growing Up At A Corner Store…

Growing Up

Terrence grew up in his family corner store. As a kid, the corner store was a place where he got his fix of candies, soft drinks, fresh bread, and cookies. 

The store, located at a busy 4 way  corner where everyone from the East, West, North or South, friends or strangers would pass through going somewhere and sometimes nowhere.

It was also where the sport of the day was played on the street or a radio captured a world event with everyone listening in at the street corner.

Never dull but action pack with laughter, fights, agreements, negotiations, and conflicts, a jumble of activities.

Learning came in the form of listening to customers’ hope and dreams, angsts, and conflicts as they convey their story as their shopping activities occur.

One repeated theme he heard and remembered from coming from that store is, “there is no problem that cannot be solved”.

Did the individual customers, believe the phrase? He doesn’t know, he was too young to comprehend adults’ actions and reactions.

However, that phrase repeated many times over became a foundational stone in his approach to life.

Unconsciously, learning was taking place as he watched his Mom dealt with customers.

Terrence grew up, went to a new country, gained his education, and went to work in the world of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Still, the spirit of the entrepreneur remained with him that he learned from that little corner store.

There is no problem that cannot be solved.

In the corporate environment, a job loss is almost as inevitable as death and taxes and his threat of a job loss suddenly came when the company he worked for was purchased and given noticed that the manufacturing facility will be shut down.

When the lives of people are suddenly changed, many fears and emotions surface. Anger and talk of injustices become the staple of the conversations. However, for Terrence, the phrase he heard many times over resurfaced for him in this situation. There is no problem that cannot be solved.

Yes, but everything seems final.

But the phrase “There is no problem that cannot be solved.” stuck with him.

This repeated statement lead him to formulate a question in his mind.

Is there a better way?

This question is simple in its approach, yet powerful in delivery of solutions, when you stick to the question and not accept the surface level answers that will come first.

Well, Terrence stuck with this question for many days while everything around him was happening in fast mode. A public announcement, Salaried Packages, Employment and Interview Training, Resume updates, preparing to depart in 2 months.

Many iterations kept coming up to that question, all encompassed with fears. Terrence had gotten to a point where only one solution was going to work and he could not get past it.

Solution: Write an email to the CEO of a $300 million company for a chance to purchase the company.

With labor, he crafted an email to the CEO of this company and pressed the send button at midnight, feeling relief that it was done…no shame, no blame and went to bed.

The next morning, he checked his email and said “No way! This is real.

The CEO had written back and said, Yes, he will give him the opportunity to purchase the company, with a $30 Million Sales revenue. His lawyer will contact him that same day to make arrangements.

So we will stop and emphasize, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

Solutions is what Terrence brings to the table when potential customers are struggling with moving their online business activities to the next level. No problem that cannot be solved and transformed that statement to “Is there a better way?”

That company that would have had his door closed and equipment shipped to the four corners of the earth is still standing today with jobs for a small community.

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